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Bamboo Information

Bamboos are classified as giant grasses. in the grass family (Poaceae) is the sub-family Bambusoideae, which contain two tribes with the main being Bambuseae (the woody bamboos).

Existing worldwide there are about 80 different genera and 1500 species of Bamboos, which include among the most fastest growing and valuable of plants.

Most of these are native to Asia, followed by the Americas, and then the African region, with 1 native to Australia. 

Bamboo species worldwide range in height from 0.5m – 45m tall. At Charlie’s Bamboo the range available is between 3m – 25m.

The 2 main types of Bamboo are clumpers (non-invasive, tight-clumping habit) and runners (invasive, wide-spreading habit).Clumpers don’t escape from where planted.They keep to themselves in a tight clump, that expands only

slightly each year. Due to very short and thick rhizomes, new shoots appear only literally right next to the mother culm.

Available here at Charlie’s Bamboo Nursery are all only clumping bamboos.